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PRIMUS : Carbon Fiber

Delivering the quality and performance demanded by F1 race teams, now available for your bikes. With 25% increased pressure rating compared to stainless steel it’s impossible to get any better out of flexible brake lines. Additionally braided carbon is much lighter and far surpasses Kevlar for both strength and high temperature use.

TRIBUNE : Stainless Steel

Improved strength, flexibility and durability when compared to standard Kevlar braided lines. Resulting in improved braking performance and feel, especially noticeable on the rear where the impact of hose expansion significantly reduces performance when compared to the front brakes.

1ST CENTURION : Aluminum

For detailed DNA introduction please see page 31

The back bone of Legion DNA outer casing is manufactured from anodized aluminum making it super light with excellent environmental protection and yet with outstanding aesthetics. However these are not the primary reasons for using it, the reasons are performance, performance, performance!

Hydraulic Hose-1ST LEGIONARY HYDRAULIC HOSE: OD= 5mm, ID= 2.2mm


  • Construction:
    • PVDF core
    • Kevlar Braided
    • Nylon 12 Hard Coat
  • Advantages:
    • Low expansion for positive feel
    • Minimal fluid drag for responsive braking
    • Excellent Strength to Weight Ratio
    • Ultra-light weight
    • High tear resistance
    • High flexibility
RANGE Material Color Part Number
Single Header
Card Length (3M)
Part Number
Work Shop
Length (30M)
Primus Carbon Fiber BLACK DHY-3-BK-S1 -
Tribune Stainless Steel SILVER DHY-4-SI-S1 -
1ST Centurion Aluminum BLACK DHY-1-BK-S1 -
1ST Centurion Aluminum SILVER DHY-1-SI-S1 -
1ST Legionary Kevlar BLACK DHY-2-BK-S1 DHY-2-BK-W1
Kevlar WHITE DHY-2-WH-S1 DHY-2-WH-W1
Kevlar RED DHY-2-RD-S1 DHY-2-RD-W1
Kevlar BLUE DHY-2-BU-S1 DHY-2-BU-W1