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The Legion Introduction


Sat upon my chariot, into a war I rode The battles been raging 3 long hours Attacks coming in continuous waves, Ground has been won, lost and retaken

Many entered this never-ending arena Knowing only one can victor A name that is to be etched in history Those who dare challenge that crown Have been laid beneath pounding feet

I have my legion of hardened fighters In battle formation we ride Fore, aft and flanks protected Swiftly driving our artillery forward The ballista to deliver the final thrust

The endless road rising beyond unseen crest Changing the fight from out to within No matter how wide my gaping mouth How deep I draw my breath Or standing out of saddle My aching limbs draw no comfort

Its roaring crowds, saluting no stop assaults That keep our weapons raised Driving the Legion forward and upwards Transforming us from mere men to Legionnaires ………………..