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1.1 Brake System

1.1.11ST Legionary: Scorpio

The Scorpio is the 1st hydraulic brake system developed by LEGION, however it’s the result of many years of experience specifically in the field manufacturing of braking products.

Open System, meaning that hydraulic pressure lines are connected to an oil reservoir allowing the brake to self-adjust and self-regulate for heat compensation of brake fluid and wear of the brake pads

  • Fluid Expansion Control, no dragging of brakes when hot
  • Lever Dead-Travel Control, lever travel constant throughout life of the pads
  • Pad Clearance Control, constant clearance between pad and disk, hot/cold or new/old pads

Rear Loading Brake Pads, this allows the pads to be changed without needing to remove the wheel and as opposed to top-load pads ensures maximum caliper stiffness

  • Increased caliper stiffness, improved braking compared to top loaded pads
  • Ease of maintenance for changing pads

Radial Master-Cylinder, limits twisting load on the master-cylinder during braking giving move response braking action

  • Stiffer, less spongy brake feel
  • Improved braking response

2pc Floating Rotor, Improved brake performance as rotor is significantly stiffer and having aluminum core allows the pads/brake system to cool much quicker

  • Improved Braking Performance
  • Improved High Temperature Performance
  • No Coning
  • Guaranteed Floating 100%
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • Center-lock Option